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Rigid Models
Rigid Models

PAVM:  polished polycarbonate

PAVM models consist of two flat polished polycarbonate slabs with machines grooves where they form a2 dimensional vessels. Models can be held together with thumbscrews or with quick release clamps (about 30 seconds to take apart and reassemble). Vessels are terminated in a luer, and are surrounded by O-rings that prevents any liquid leakage. PAVM models can be used both dry and wet (filled with water or other liquids). If used in a dry mode, interior walls of PAVM can be layered with lubricious coating.

Standard dimension of PAVM models: 11’’ x 8.5’’ x 1’
Easily customizable from CAD file, drawing or sketch

Solid Block Models: rigid polyurethane

Vessel-like channel is formed in a solid transparent block of polyurethane. Solid block models can be made with single or tapered ID throughout the model. ID range is from 2.0mm to 20.0mm.

Solid block model are mostly used by:

By engineers to test guide wire flexibility and turn response.
By marketing teams to demonstrate advantages of particular guide wire






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