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Aortic Models AFM1
Aortic Models AFM1

AFM 1 Aortic  Models Series

AFM 1 is series of expandable module aortic models. AFM 1 models are made from translucent polyurethane with 3mm uniform wall thickness.   AFM 1 series cosists of basic aorta/femoral model AFM100, two types of aortic arches AFM102 and AFM103 and various vessel extensions for carotid and subclavian arteries.  Each vessel extension of the model can be seamlessly attached at the time of casting or through a custom connector.

Options for AFM 1 series

Vessel extensions for radial excess
Renal arteries
PVA-hydrogel aortic valve
Rigid stenosis
Interchangeable AAA with various configurations
Customized aortic arches with different types of pathologies