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Medical Models

Simulated Medical Models and Pulsatile Flow Circulators

Series of pantented FlowTek blood flow simulators


FlowTek 125 NEW!!! transportable high capacity unit has adjustable pulsatile flow characteristics, including variable and adjustable pulse frequency, flow.  Adjustable basin capacity.  Basin can be heated with submersible heater.

FlowTek A-215 is a self-contained, transportable, tabletop RD and demonstration unit used for development, testing, demonstration and training in the use of guidewires, microcatheters, stents, coils and other intravascular devices for aneurysm coiling, AVM embolization, placement of arterial aneurysm stents, or other intravascular procedures.

Vascular models with different anatomical features (aneurysms, stenosis, lesions, tortuous paths, bifurcations, various pathologies, etc.) have seamless interior walls, and can be configured with various wall thicknesses and inside diameters. Custom models with specific vessel configurations to satisfy your requirements.

Materials available for vascular models:

PVA – hydrogel - widely regarded as most accurate live tissue mimic. By tailoring process parameters, we can achieve wide range properties for of PVA –hydrogel models. PVA hydrogel models  can be used with high-frequency electric . Cross-linked materials such as soft polyurethanes, silicones and acrylics, etc. could not be cut with Bovie surgical instrument. PVA hydrogels have a high tensile strength, high flexibility, and conductivity from water content.

Polyurethane is a two-part, water clear, colorless aliphatic based polyurethane elastomer. It can be easily tinted or pigmented to clean bright colors. PRI 13-93-3 A/B does not contain MOCA, TDI or MDA. In addition to being an excellent castable product, it also functions well as a solvent-free adhesive for bonding various substrates.

Silicone models are made with specifically formulate with self lubricated silicone. Small self releasing molecules decrease the friction throughout the models.
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