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General Vascular Models

All vascular models are made based on engineering approximation, CAD files or patient specific data from CT scan or MRI data. Anatomical models are made with highly innovative 3D printing system which creates highly precise models with 16 micros resolution. Casting method of printed cores and corresponding molds creates a uniform wall thickness throughout the entire model. 3D printing system allows creation of various anatomical abnormalities.

Production capabilities of simulated models:

Simulated seamless lumen (ID of the model)
Uniform wall thickness as small as 0.8mm
Compliant vessels
Water clear or translucent materials for easy viewing during procedures
Tear resistant elastomers
Various tortuosity can be achieved based on provided data
Tapered dimensions
Stenosis placement
Aneurysm placement

Modular Expandable Aortic Models

Aortic model can include aortic arch, iliac and femoral arteries down to posterior tibial artery, renal arteries, various 3D anatomies, custom vessels with bifurcations, aneurysms and other anatomical features. Models of various organs such as heart, liver, lungs, etc can be seamlessly attached to this model.



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