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FlowTek A-215

Portable FlowTek A-215 Pulsing Flow Circulator

The most popular mobile pulsing flow circulator FlowTek has even more features in updated FlowTek A-215 unit.

Adjustable pulse rate with pulse indicator
Adjustable flow rate
An option to switch between Venous and Arterial flows
Self contained unit for trade shows and sales demonstrations
Universal power supply

FlowTek A-215, a pulsatile pump is patented vascular demonstration unit exclusively manufactured and distributed by DialAct Corp since 2006. FlowTek A-215 is self-contained, table-top module used for demonstration or training of various medical procedures.

The pulse rate is easily adjustable with a dial on the front panel. The flow rate is adjustable with a flow handle to simulate various pressures and flow conditions. The flow can be switched between arterial and venous. The illuminated viewing stage can also be used in the fluoroscopy.


1 year warranty



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