DialAct Corporation

Source: psdtuts.comDialAct Corporations has been a complete solution vendor for many customers featuring full range of production and services. We specialize in rapid prototyping, short run manufacturing of plastic parts, low volume manufacturing, 3D printing and production of simulated vascular models, medical demo models and custom engineering.




Eden 350V Eden 350V DialAct Corp. has recently acquired Objet’s innovative Eden 350V 3-Dimensional printer, which is ideal for Rapid Prototyping of complex units with fine details. The new Eden 350V printing system shortens production time, is economically efficient in terms of material consumption, and creates re... More detail
Brain Aneurysm Model Brain Aneurysm Model PAVMs have been one of our best selling simulation models. PAVM model consists of two polished polycarbonate slabs with precise machined grooves. With dimensions of 11” x 8.5” x 1”, PAVMs are lightweight and portable. These models can replicate any complex vasculature and have been used in int... More detail
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